Posted by: bpcweb | March 30, 2009

Member News: Liz Mackney

Liz Mackney has received her 63rd Editor’s Pick Award from the photography jury at Liz writes:

“I rediscovered my love of photography in 2005 during a life-altering hiatus from the corporate world. Realizing that adversity brings with it opportunity, I took advantage of my new found freedom to begin capturing images of the world around me.

“The diversity of my photographic subject matter can be seen by visiting my photography website which I created to benefit ALS research (Lou Gehrig’s disease) in memory of her mother, and in honor of my brother who is currently battling this devastating disease.

“I hope others enjoy viewing life through my eyes. Life is, after all, how you see it…”



  1. wtf, what is an hiatus, doesn’t that mean fired? Better photo’ editors picks are rediculous and useless. YOu pay them to get picks from what I’ve seen. If you are not a paid member, you don’t get any “picks”. The jury is two guys who own the thing.

  2. Better Photo editor picks really are a joke as Joe mentions. If you want to see how your work stands up, enter a real photo contest.

  3. Thanks Rick. Does anyone make any money from this site? Probably note. A real photo contest would be the way to go to get true recognition for one’s work. I believe this site hurts that effort since the so-called picks are bs.

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