Posted by: acarlson | April 9, 2009

BPC April Meetup

At last night’s meeting, three speakers addressed the Boston Photography Center about unique services their companies have to offer photographers. 

Want to try a lens before purchasing it, or looking to rent one for a specific purpose?  ZipLens offers 1,2, and 3 week rentals at a very low cost.  Owner Lee Cullivan gave an overview of his company – you can make reservations up to three months in advance, and ZipLens will FedEx the rental to you.  If you live nearby, you have the option of picking up your rental at their office in Brookline.  For more information, visit the ZipLens gave ZipLens an excellent review shortly after the business opened in 2006.

Eric Luden from Digital Silver Imaging spoke about how his company takes black and white digital files, original capture, or scanned images and uses a laser enlarger to expose them on silver gelatin paper.  The paper is then processed using traditional photo developing chemistry.  (Ahhhh, the smell of darkroom chemicals!)  You can choose between a fiber-based and resin-coated black and white silver gelatin prints.  This lab is the first of its kind in New England and is based in Belmont.  Digital Silver Imaging has gallery space and teamed up with The Griffin Museum of Photography to display photographic work.  They also have a blog you can check out. 

Ron Watson, president of the American Press Association, spoke a bit about marketing yourself as a photographer and how to create a successful business.  He’s holding a seminar to teach more about this on Saturday, April 25th from 12:30 to 3:00 pm.  Ron will teach you how to create a media kit and press release, how to think like a business, and how to set yourself aside from the competition.



  1. I’ve used ZipLens in the past, and found their pricing quite reasonable, and their packaging dead simple to use.

    What a great way to try out pro caliber lenses. Highly recommended!

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