Posted by: acarlson | August 8, 2009

Forgoing frames and gallery walls…

Talking with visitors“This makes me smile…”

It’s one of the most complementary statements I’ve heard so far about our annual photo installation in the Boston Public Garden. “What are you protesting?” or “What are you doing?” are the first questions we usually answer. After we explain that we’re not protesting or selling anything, we usually hear “Oh, cool!” or “This is awesome!”

Beginning last Saturday, members of the Boston Photography Center gathered for their fourth annual City Project. During four Saturday afternoons in August, members gather near the Commonwealth Avenue and Arlington Street entrance and hold poster-sized photos of their work. The past three installations featured photos taken around the Boston Public Garden. This year, the group’s exhibition is called “We Are…(Massachusetts)” and features photos taken in and around the metro Boston area.
Luckily for us, the Boston Public Garden was full of artists and tourists. Visitors to the garden had opportunities to see mimes, musicians, and painters. Music flowed into the area where we were gathered and added a certain atmosphere one would experience during an opening at a gallery or museum.

The City Project is the brainchild of BPC founder Banafsheh Ehtemam. After seeing Christo’s Gates project in New York City’s Central Park, she decided to launch a similar group project using photography. It’s the Boston Photography Center’s mission to promote the art of photography in Boston. Banafsheh recruited members of the Boston Photography Center to examine the Public Garden, take photos, and then display them in the place where they were taken. The City Project grew and participants decided that rather than being scattered throughout the garden, it would be best to stand in one area and form a living gallery. After three years of photos taken in the Public Garden, the BPC has a fresh display of work created in our communities. It’s received a fantastic response and we couldn’t be more excited to bring photography to the city of Boston.

The Boston Photography Center will be in the Boston Public Garden again on Saturday, August 15th and August 22nd from 1-3 pm. Visit our page on Facebook to see more photos of the event.



  1. 7News at 6 will air video of the event tonight. It might also air on CW56 at 10.

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