Posted by: acarlson | December 3, 2009

Forming Local Partnerships Through Photography

When Katherine Kominis first proposed the idea of a Boston neighborhood documentary project in 2007, she knew it would be an important step forward for the Boston Photography Center. She hoped that the first-of-its-kind collaborative effort by volunteer photographers would fill a need in the community.

A few years later, the project is being recognized by two Boston non-profit organizations. Boston World Partnerships will use photographs from the BPC’s Boston Neighborhood Documentary Project on their website and The Boston Foundation will be using photos in their annual report and in a neighborhood project of their own.

St. Leonard's Church in the North End, by Katherine Kominis

Katherine Kominis, Jonathan Fine, Alicia Carlson, and BPC founder Banafsheh Ehtemam recently attended The Boston Foundation’s annual meeting to help them celebrate the launch of their multi-platform project, “My Neighborhood: Boston“. Photos by Katherine, Jonathan, Mary Scheiss, Bob Ward, and Gail Fischer rotated on monitors while hundreds from the local business and non-profit community mingled.

The Neighborhood Project is the first collaborative project by local photographers to document the unique nature of Boston’s diversity, and something Katherine is very proud of: “Forming partnerships with other institutions who are working to develop the talent and potential of Boston is an essential step in the process of celebrating and promoting Boston’s growth, and for creating a strong future for the next generation of Bostonians.”


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