Posted by: acarlson | April 10, 2010

Thank you to our photographers!

A note from BPC assistant organizer Katherine Kominis:

The first exhibition of the Neighborhood Project, at the Brookline Public Library, received rave reviews from the visitors and attendees of the April 7th opening and reception. Twenty-two photographers are exhibiting photos from the documentary Neighborhood Project, at the first of four group shows in 2010. I’d like to thank all the photographers for their creative, inspired visions of their individual neighborhoods. For most of us, it was the first time we worked in the documentary genre, and it was all learning, of how to find a theme or narrative, how to choose the images that made that story true and compelling, and how to select multiple images for an online portfolio to present our story of who we are, and how we live together in Boston.
Our core values, collaboration and learning, have been apparent in the three years we took to bring the project to this stage. In so many ways, fellow BPC members have taken the time to help us learn and grow in our art and techniques. For this exhibit, special thanks go to Banafsheh Ehtemam, who curated the exhibition, to the extraordinary Alicia Carlson for her public relations work to bring this to the Boston community, to Sanjay Subbanna for his wonderful organizing work of all types and kinds, to Jonathan Fine for stepping in at the last minute to help hang the exhibition and bring refreshments, to Aram Comjean, Saul Blumenthal, and Robert Hunt for taking wonderful “event” photos at the opening reception. Also thanks to Devina Dalmia who helped greet guests and collect fees to recoup expenses!

We are grateful also to the Brookline Public Library and the gracious assistance of librarian Julie Falsioni for giving space and services to make the exhibition, and reception, memorable in many ways. We thank our guests, friends, and families, for their encouragement and attention to this Neighborhood Project!

Stay tuned for an article in the “Brookline Tab.”


Katherine Kominis


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