Posted by: 6x6pix | July 2, 2010

Showtime: Are You Ready?

BPC’s Neighborhood Project is showing left and right (or east and west, if you prefer) this month. These exhibits showcase local subject matter as seen by local photographers, and represent great opportunities for those whose work is included (and for BPC as an organization).

So what about you? Do you show your work? Have you entered any juried shows or photo competitions?

Photographer/editor/teacher Aline Smithson has posted a collection of valuable tips for photographers submitting work to competitions at her blog Lenscratch (and let’s face it: any juried show has an element of competition to it). It’s a worthwhile read whether you’re just starting to get your work out there, or have been submitting to competitions and shows for a while already.

And, BPC members, don’t forget we’re currently accepting images on the theme of “Chill” (or your best recent work on any theme) for an informal slide show of member work to be shown the July 14 meeting. It’ll be a bit like the member presentations we sometimes do, but without the pressure to stand up before the room and talk at length about your work. Check your email for full submission details (and if you’re not a BPC member yet, why not join us?)!


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