Posted by: bpcweb | August 1, 2010

BPC Member Showcases

You know how we’re always hitting you up for images for our masthead at the top  of every page? Some folks have submitted fantastic photos (thank you!), but we know that many other members are unwilling to crop their images to the extent necessary to fit the masthead format.

So here’s another big opportunity to get your work seen on the blog: Member Showcases. We’ve had this idea since before we even started the blog, but we’re only now getting around to getting it off the ground (yes, we’re slow. But deliberate!)

Here’s the scoop: We want to show your work right here on the blog, and give you a chance to talk about it if you wish. Each member showcase post will feature 4-6 images, plus some text about the work (you can either write something about your work and submit it with your images, or answer a few questions posed by yours truly after the fact about the work you submit). We’ll include a link to your web site so people can see more of your work. How great does that sound?

You: That does sound great! Is there a catch?
BPCblog: No. Well, not really. Here’s the medium-sized print: ideally, the images included in each showcase will be from a series or project. We’d say “from a body of work” but that sounds daunting, so for our purposes, let’s just say the images you submit for Member Showcase should be related in some fundamental way (theme, subject, etc). They can be part of a larger project you’re actively working on (either finished or in-progress), or maybe you just find that you’ve accumulated a variety of images of a particular person, place or thing that you tend to gravitate toward with your camera in hand — that’s a series.

You: So…. how is this different from the member galleries on the BPC site?
BPCblog: For one thing, here on the blog you’ll have a chance to talk about the work being shown; for another, we actively drive traffic to the blog via Facebook and Twitter, so your images will be seen by a wider audience if you’re featured in a Member Showcase.

You: Why do the images I submit images have to be related? I shoot a wide variety of subjects and styles, and all my images are outstanding.
BPCblog: There are tons and tons of places to post collections of one-off images online; Flickr,, Tumblr, Picassa, Tabblo, Zoomr, Photobucket, etc, etc, etc. We all shoot regularly — many of us every day — and those are all great places to see one another’s overall output. What we want to do with Member Showcases is give folks an opportunity to show and talk about project-based work in a focused (sorry!) way.

You: Ok, I’m in. How do I submit?
BPCblog: Great! All the info you need is on our BPC Member Showcase page!


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