Posted by: 6x6pix | August 9, 2010

Tara Jones’ Feather Friends

At once delicate and tenacious, birds engage our imaginations and pique our curiosity. BPC member Tara Jones, a freelance photographer living in Cambridge, MA, has been capturing their grace, energy and idiosyncrasies in photos for a while now, and she’s shared some of those images with us for our first Member Showcase.

Tara says: “This project has happened over the last few years quite organically.  I have always been attracted to birds… the beauty in their movements and the quirkiness of their being, so one day I started to try and document what I saw with my camera.  One image led to the next until I had quite a collection.  I guess you could say this is what I do on the side for the pure enjoyment of it.  The images make me happy.”

They make us happy too ;-)

(click images to view larger. Note: the red borders are placed by WordPress, they are not part of the images — we’re sorry, and we’d get rid of them if we could!)

All images © Tara Jones.

If you’re a BPC member and you’d like to see your work showcased on the BPC blog, check out our Member Showcase page.


  1. Love these! What a unique theme for the collection.

  2. They are all amazing – I love the black bird and the beach one – thanks for sharing your work.

  3. the black bird and the beach is surreal – love it love it love it.

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