Posted by: 6x6pix | August 23, 2010

Member Showcase: Dawn Ferragamo

In this week’s Member Showcase, Dawn Ferragamo takes us to the children’s playground and asks us to look a little more closely at the graffiti left behind by the older kids who inhabit the space after dark. Dawn writes:

“As a mother of two toddlers, I visit a lot of playgrounds.  I became a little fascinated by some of the graffiti I saw written on the playground equipment and the photographer in me wanted to document it and photograph it in a way that maybe made it look less offensive.  It was also another way I could take pictures without constantly sticking a camera into my children’s faces.  :)”

You can see more of that great eye for detail and color on Dawn’s photoblog!

(click images to view larger. Note: the red borders are placed by WordPress, they are not part of the images — we’re sorry, and we’d get rid of them if we could!)

All images ©Dawn Ferrragamo.

If you’re a BPC member and you’d like to see your work showcased on the BPC blog, check out our Member Showcase page.



  1. Love the color in these.

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