Posted by: 6x6pix | October 4, 2010

Member Showcase: Paul Marotta

Paul Marotta recently shared a batch of his great images from the 2010 Boston Music Conference Music Showcases. Here’s what he has to say about the experience, and challenges/concerns of shooting live performance in club settings:

I oversaw all of the photography for the Boston Music Conference this summer and fall. There were 12 different music showcase events with all genres of music, including jazz, folk, indie, rock, Reggae, Salsa, Reggaeton, Latin Rock and much more all of which took place at Mojitos in downtown Boston during the summer. The final showcase took place as part of the conference on September 26 at the Royale in Boston and all of the performances were an extreme challenge to shoot.

Essentially, light levels were low at best and shooting on my Nikon d200 with a variety of lenses, including a 20-35 f2.8D, a 16mm f2.8D, a 35-70 f2.8D and an 80-200 2.8ED zoom, I had to use a monopod throughout, process in Adobe CS5, and use Nik Software to reduce noise. I have been in music as an administrator my entire life and understand that a very big part of shooting performers is the emotion they show, and hopefully I have captured that with this series.

The Boston Music Conference has never in the past put this kind of emphasis on photography for these emerging artists and this investment in portfolio development was well worth the time, for me and these young artists. The winning artists, El Frente [web site], receive, among other prizes, a full photo package from me, to include a CD cover photo shoot, web photos, session photography, and press kit photo materials.

Paul’s full set of event images to date can be seen on flickr, as well as on his own website.



  1. Excellent photos, Paul! I especially love the fifth one down.

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