Posted by: bpcweb | December 30, 2010

Happy New Year! A Message from the Founder of Boston Photography Center

As we are getting close to another year’s end, actually a decade’s end and look forward to a new future, there are some habits we all should consider practicing and many things we should be very thankful for during the holidays and mainly our lives!

The very fact that you are breathing on your own, reading great books and I hope many photography books and frankly conscious means you are far better off than some out there.

If you have a family and good friends that care for you, you are very lucky, since some don’t have any to get the right support.

If you have electricity, heat, entertainment, food on your table, internet, warm clothes, a place to call home, a clean mattress to sleep on… you are way ahead of many.

Do you have a job ? Great if you do and if you don’t I hope you are having some assistance from the Government and if you are really desperate ask for help and don’t feel you are in some big void… Also don’t say no to small jobs that may pay a little less than what you are used to!

Remember to send your clear and kind spirit to the ones that are suffering… and if you can hold a hand and give a shoulder to someone who is not as fortunate please do so!

Don’t complain too much, get rid of the exhausting negativity around you and if you feel you can’t get rid of them then confront them nicely… and let them know they are living in their fictional world and their ego simply adds more to that fiction. Do it nicely though, I guarantee it works!

No envy and jealousy in 2011! Leave them in the past and become your own person. Create within your own desires and your open mind (remember, I said an open mind), seek, trust and if you want to succeed then listen to advice of others (and make sure it doesn’t leave you from the other ear). There is nothing worse in life than the crown ofi ndividualism, it is a sin! Give a handshake that truly means something not simply formality.

The greatest reward comes from selflessness, showing patience and empathy for others… believe me… this has been the model of my life. And with each soul succeeding, my soul gets nourished…

And photography and BPC (for some of you new people BPC means Boston Photography Center and we have been around for six strong years)… well photography IF it is your creative outlet then what are you waiting for? Come and join us… we have a ton of wonderful events, shoots… you name it… Do you know how many people from BPC have achieved their goals of turning pro photographer? This is what we do here… we nourish your creative mind and more importantly we make sure you realize what photography truly is and no,  it is not just a click of your expensive shutter. Believe me it is far more challenging than you can imagine!

We are adding more great programs this year and getting even more serious about the organization… I personally have given so much of my time and my life to this, and I’m sure some of you feel the same way. So stay tuned… we are on our way to a wonderful and a bit of a different year. So get serious about your Art! It can change the world… it can change YOU!

Happy New year and stay POSITIVE !


Founder, Boston Photography Center


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