Our Contributors

acarlson is Alicia Carlson. As Public Relations and Marketing Coordinator for the Boston Photography Center through July, 2011, Alicia managed BPC’s Facebook and Twitter pages.  Photography has been her main hobby since childhood and she has displayed her work in a number of cafes.  In 2010 she started her own business to combine her photography and freelance PR work.

adhingra is Anand Dhingra. Anand has been involved with photography since age nine.  Anand’s work spans landscapes, portraits, street shots, and abstracts but his true passion is the portraiture of dogs and other animals. He also plays a mean guitar. Read his full bio on his web site

bpcweb is the administrative account for the BPC blog.

6x6pix is Bonnie B, an Assistant Coordinator for BPC from 2006 through July 2011. She started and managed the BPC blog and Facebook page, assisted with the BPC web site, and led photo walks/events all over Boston and New England. Most of her own work is shot with a variety of medium-format film cameras made 50+ years ago. See some of her work on her photo site, Tastes Like Yellow.

That’s our roster at the moment — if you’re a BPC member and you’d like to try your hand at blogging for us, drop us a note!

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